Daily Archives: February 12, 2008

Must I Watch?

As a recently reformed TV news guy in Atlanta, one of the many blessings of my current life is my utter indifference to local TV news.  True, there are some worthwhile gems in that industry in this market.  But one must wade through hours of crapulence to find it.  Fortunately, one can now cheat by surfing the websites of the TV stations and cherry-pick the ripest of the fruit.  Depending on my tolerance and my level of interest, readership and other intangibles, this blog may become a catalogue of some of the true horrors– and perhaps, some of the cool stuff, if there is any– to be found while watching the news / reading the paper.  Plain and simple yo. As a side note, this may also contain the musings of a certain partner in a certain start-up business who, regrettably, has had to abandon his business ambitions temporarily so that he can Serve his Country in Iraq.  He doesn’t know it yet, though.