Daily Archives: February 22, 2008

No sex, please

There’s rarely a more pleasing spectacle than a major TV station appointing itself as a community’s arbiter of morality.  The ironies are abundant– not just when viewed through the prism of network programming, but also through the judgments made daily about which news stories get the greatest exposure.  Is there an element of sex?  A hot victim?  A barbie bandit?  Ratch it up, boys.  Comes now WSB-TV, with an installment exposing the presence of sex toys at Spencer Gifts, a mall store known mostly for silly novelties.  Tom Regan, a fine reporter, redeemed his expose from the previous evening by doing a hidden-camera piece at Spencer.  It was too easy:  Wait for a child to enter, and watch them grab bits of plastic shaped like genitalia “while the store employees paid little attention.”  Interview outraged moms in the parking lot.  Read a statement from Spencer promising to do better.  Smarmy, yes.  But it was a clean hit, in a medium where what’s “clean” is elusively defined.