Daily Archives: February 28, 2008

damning the kauffman woman

Would somebody please explain the appeal of Monica Pearson?  For years, WSB-TV rode the Monica horse to ratings superiority.  This gave her the kind of clout that landed TV’s only interview with Rep. John Lewis about his switch of support to Obama.  But why her?  She’s a competent journalist, when she tries.  I’ll give her that.  (she’s also always got plenty of producer backup to make sure she succeeds).  So what then?  The hair?  It’s actually kinda cool since she cut it a few years back.  But her performance as an anchor– every night– is an overwrought exercise in the most thinly-veiled faux sincerity.  It should be triggering the gag reflexes of the masses; instead, it keeps her employed and making more dough than anybody else on Atlanta TV.  Ugh.  Gimme Karyn Greer, Brenda Wood, Lisa Rayam.  Gimme the weekend anchor on 46 who didn’t drop the f-bomb but was nearly fired for it anyway.  Monica’s, sadly, a perfect tv news metaphor:  the audience gets what it wants, even when it’s silly and overwrought.  And don’t get me started on their weatherman Burns.