Daily Archives: March 6, 2008

snoozing through the merger

  The Atlanta media has been very asleep-at-the-switch over the ongoing Delta / Northwest Airlines merger story.  TV, I can understand.  Consumed by their desire to cover all that gives the appearance of  “breaking news,” no TV station is devoted to covering business (though a guy named Bill Liss at WXIA seems to have some affection for it).  But the AJC– which did a pretty good job of covering Delta’s bankruptcy drama– keeps getting its tail handed to it on this story.  Today’s piece about the re-start of talks among the airlines’ two pilots unions was a day late, beaten by the AP and Bloomberg.  Previous developments reported in the AJC have frequently been attributed to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, hometown newspaper of Northwest.  Is the AJC just having hard luck on this story– or is it a further example of the free-fall of a once-good newspaper?  Maybe they should put the Social Butterfly on this.