Daily Archives: March 14, 2008

Evergreen Investigation

When the anchor guy started off with “only on CBS 46 news,” the viewer might have expected to see something he’d never seen before.  But what followed was a story as old as the hills–  a story WAGA’s I-team has revisited numerous times over a ten or fifteen year period. It’s not illegal to sell crack pipes in convenience stores; they’re sold as glass pipes that hold water for a single fresh rose. The fact that some stores package the pipes together with lighters and pieces of steel wool to facilitate their use for crack cocaine use seems a little too convenient. And yes, it’s a bit of an outrage. WGCL reporter Joanna Massee did a decent job with it, the indignation in her voice rising as she confronted a convenience store owner feigning cluelessness. But new? It’s a story so tired that Ms. Massee couldn’t find a law enforcement agency willing to talk about it. “Only on CBS 46”? Maybe 46 was the only station putting that old story out there on this particular evening.