Downtown tornado

  • TV stations love to overreact to weather, treating every fallen tree limb as if it’s armageddon.  Last night, they got it right.  Some got it more right than others.  
  • Through 8am, it appeared WSB’s coverage was tops.  2 had interior footage of the CNN Center and Dome (as did WXIA).  Jim Strickland’s overnight package on the Fulton Mill Lofts damage was terrific.  And of all the TV reporters who were on scene at dawn, you know that Ross Cavitt was the first (and perhaps only) one to actually volunteer to be there.
  • If WAGA had the interiors that WSB had, I didn’t see them.  Tony Thomas stayed up all night downtown (and also may have volunteered) and did nice live shots, but his pictures and interviews were a bit middling– possibly because he was rarely untethered from his live camera.  It was fun to watch WAGA call in Dana Fowle, Cheryl White and Ken Cook to co-anchor the little-watched Saturday morning news.  And they called in Randy Travis to play catch-up to Strickland’s coverage in Cabbagetown.  Yet by noon, it appeared WAGA was still out to lunch on the story at the Fulton Mill Lofts, which was chock-full of residents when the tornado hit.
  • WXIA’s Jennifer Leslie, holding up a hand during a live shot to stop traffic on Butler St. while she crossed, had the Edgewood Ave. damage to herself.  Kudos to the motorist who let Jennifer and her photog cross.
  • WGCL showed cartoons in the morning.  And at noon, it showed a basketball game.

2 thoughts on “Downtown tornado

  1. Eunice

    Actually WAGA was first on scene at Fulton Mill Lofts and had interior video all night. They were the only ones there until we showed up because our ass. editor was “out to lunch.” We were actually playing catch up to them. Maybe you just watched the morning news. But when it was breaking, they actually owned it. No thanks to our station. Oh, and everyone but WGCL had the interior CNN and World Congress video. C’mon man, whatya doin here?

  2. liveapartmentfire Post author

    By noon, it was evident that some TV stations had great footage and simply weren’t showing it. WSB’s noon coverage got bogged down with ongoing watches and warnings from the weather center. The great footage 2 showed at 8am was invisible, at least in the first couple of blocks of the noon show. Meantime, WAGA pulled out some much-better material from CNN/Omni. I won’t dispute that WAGA had the Fulton Mill story. But by gosh, you need to actually show it on TV– and not just in the wee hours of the night– otherwise it’s as if it didn’t happen.


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