Tornado drinking game

  • (update:  two reported dead in Polk County) 
  • Since nobody got killed in Atlanta’s tornado (last I heard), we can have some fun with the coverage on a Saturday night.  Grab hold of the remote, flip amongst the four local channels.  When you hear a TV reporter or anchor say “war zone,” “epicenter,” “path of destruction” or “ground zero,” do a shot.  If they intone it with extra gravity, do an extra-gravity shot.
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4 thoughts on “Tornado drinking game

  1. SpaceyG

    Watching ANY disaster-related coverage by Diana Davis should be ruled out in this game. That would be a grossly unfair advantage, given that her reports are a braiinfreeze blast of local news cliched verbage. Besides, you would suffer from acute alcohol poisoning if you even tried to keep-up with all the “beginning to re-build shattered lives” yadayadayada.


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