tornado scorecard, partial

  • When big news breaks over a weekend– as was the case with the Atlanta tornado– Sunday’s late news should be a good time for viewers to see the coverage at its best.  Viewership is high, and the chaos of Friday night and Saturday has settled somewhat.  Here’s what a look-see of local TV reveals:
  • WAGA’s 10 o’clock news had a single breathtaking photo– shot by a local professional photographer named Shane Durrance– of the tornado perched over downtown.  It was apparently shot from Howell Mill Rd.  The photo is magnificent.  I didn’t see it on any other news; however, one hour later, WXIA posted the same photo on its website.  The funnel is on the left, just to the right of the NationsBank tower.
  • WSB’s 11pm news had two pieces of surveillance video, shot during the storm at two downtown buildings.  Both clips were excellent.  No other station appeared to have it.   A separate report had two more pieces of home video of the storm, also apparently exclusive.  The surprise is that there isn’t more of this homemade video.
  • WXIA’s 10pm news was middling by comparison.   There was an exceedingly dull live v/o by a reporter, tossing to sound from a police spokeswoman (all live v/o-sots should be banished unless done under duress).  WXIA redeemed itself with a package by Jerry Carnes in Cabbagetown.  Carnes is a skilled writer and storyteller for whom this kind of story is made.  He had emotional material and showcased it without being maudlin or overwrought.
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