Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

More tornado snapshots

With this post, we stop ignoring our friends at WGCL, CBS 46 and their coverage of the Atlanta tornado. Rebekka Schramm’s coverage of Vine City Monday was solid, dovetailing nicely into the charitable efforts of the Salvation Army in that impoverished area. She had the nat sound of the day: A resident, viewing his home that had been crushed by a tree, deadpanning: We’re going to need a structural engineer out here.

Adam Murphy drew the short straw, covering a news conference with Atlanta boosters who insisted the city remains “open for business.” When he speaks, I can’t help but actually hear the voice of Aasif Mandvi of the Daily Show . Apparently desperate for a prop to use during his live shot, Murphy held shards of broken glass in his hand. At least Aasif Mandvi would have bled on-air.

The Craven Chest-beating Award goes to Ryan Deal, who touted his “exclusive, unfettered access to the parking deck” near the Fulton Mill Lofts. He went on to boast about his recording of conversations “rarely caught on camera”– and barely audible to the listener. His story would have been much better without his heavy handedness. We know management encourages that stuff– but c’mon. A parking deck exclusive? That’s the kind of stuff that make normal people laugh at TV news guys.