Daily Archives: March 19, 2008

Delivery failure

Few TV newscasts are completely free of glitches. Some viewers may not have even noticed the one that struck WSB’s 11pm news Tuesday. But Mrs. Aptfire, who watched the ABC show Dancing with the Stars, absolutely noticed. During the program, which leads into WSB’s 11pm news, the station repeatedly promoted a story about a carriage-ride horse that took off during Friday’s downtown tornado– the animal’s frightened gallop, happily (for TV news) caught on surveillance tape. The promotion said: You won’t believe where they found him!

Cue Ashley Hayes, a new-ish WSB reporter doing a downtown live shot in the C-block of the newscast (after more “coming up!” promotion). Hayes flawlessly delivers a live lead-in. The package rolls. The story is compellingly told.  Inexplicably, the package is interrupted by– what, we’re not sure– but another story. The control room abruptly cuts to Hayes, who, after a moment of awkward silence, explains there’s been a technical problem. She recovers and wraps.

But much of the story never played. And never is the question answered: Where did they find the horse? The question remains unanswered, apparently. The story isn’t posted on 2’s web site.