Morning presence

I’m not a fan of morning TV, which I stopped watching when Brokaw switched from “Today” to the Nightly News following the retirement of John Chancellor. The local morning staple, Good Day Atlanta on WAGA, is painful– though legions of viewers clearly love it. The Road Warrior segments are an opportunity for the show to get out of the studio. But they, too, are often painful to watch.

Mark Hyman has a somewhat understated, slightly mad, comedic touch. But when Hyman shows up to do the tour of homes in Roswell— with a tour guide who is exceedingly well coiffed at 7:30 in the morning– the comedic potential seems almost nonexistent. The presentation is informative, but not very memorable. Few situations seem to avail themselves at 7:30am for Hyman to shine.

Hyman is a vast improvement over his predecessor Bret Martin, who now shills for movie promoters at WGCL’s Better Mornings show. At WAGA, Martin’s shtick was to demean himself on-camera whenever possible. Now, as a “movie reviewer,” he shamelessly promotes the worst drek in Hollywood. While interviewing the star of a movie called Never Back Down, Martin likened the actor (whose studio likely flew Martin to Hollywood to interview him) to a young Tom Cruise. The New York Times called the movie “lunkheaded.” The Minneapolis Star-Tribune said it had “no brains.” Martin called it “forgettable,” in an otherwise favorable piece that doubtlessly pleased the movie’s promoters.

At least Martin wasn’t interviewing an attractive starlet. He tends to salivate openly in the presence of female hotness.

46’s Better Mornings show isn’t a news program, which is their “out” for adhering to any standards of objectivity or journalistic ethics. It’s hard to imagine that morning TV can become any less watchable.  But by gosh, the suits in TV land are trying.

1 thought on “Morning presence

  1. D. Adder

    I actually like Good Day Atlanta and feel the chemistry between the anchors is good. Jeff Hill’s laid back, dry wit, is very funny and interacts well with the ‘bubbly’ personalities of the others. They do a good job of providing local weather and traffic, so it’s better than having to wait for the five minute breaks on the other stations when getting ready for work. I must say I can’t say I like Mark Hyman, and I was no Brett Martin fan. Mark’s “whacky-ness” seems to be forced. He looks like a serious person who is trying to do Martin’s schtick. And please, please, please do not send him to any more places where he eats something on-air. The chocolate strawberries on valentines day were disgusting.

    As far as Better Mornings, the only reason my TV stops there is if Laura Huckabee is on…typical male 24 to 45…


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