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I was this guy, once

This is my shout-out to an Atlanta-based blog called Mostly Media, which mentioned Live Apt Fire this week. Edited by Spacey G, she does media stuff on her blog too– more “new media” eg. blogging, social networking and such– and screwball news vignettes such as this:

As long as I’m doing blog shout-outs: Thanks also to Drifting Through the Grift for giving us some ink this week. And if you want to check out the real-life adventures of my business partner in TomorrowVision Media, go to the Daly Briefing on your right. His arrival in Iraq this month means our company has gone worldwide. I guess that’s what it means.

Comparing coverage

All four Atlanta TV stations covered an official bus tour of the city’s tornado damaged areas.  They focused on Vine City, whose residents are less protected by insurance.   What we saw:

Richard Elliott on WSB provided a very by-the-numbers look at the tour, with nothing especially memorable.  He identified tourgoer Millard Fuller,  founder of Habitat for Humanity, as an afterthought.

Clarence Reynolds on WXIA inexplicably focused on the city council members who toured the affected neighborhoods, giving them time to grandstand on camera. The audience learned little from his report.

Joanna Massee on WGCL, by far, told the best story.  With lots of “oh my gosh”-type natural sound, crisp editing and nice writing– she gave a much needed human touch to a story that was stilted and uninteresting elsewhere.  But WGCL needs to be slapped, too:  What’s the point of having Massee do a live shot after midnight (late because of basketball) in a dark neighborhood, many hours after the tour ended?   Same with Jennifer Mayerle, who was live in East Atlanta at 12:15am, fronting a story that had been shot in daylight.  Is it just me, or do most viewers cringe a little when they see such stuff?