Barbie Bandits

Everybody covered the sentencing of the “barbie bandits” yesterday. All four stations have the stories on their web sites. The story sells. Every station had the same video– mug shots, courtroom, file tape. The difference was in the style of the storytellers.

The best was Ross Cavitt on WSB. Cavitt grasped what made the story different and ran with it: The fact that the suspects were former “exotic dancers,” as he put it. The fact that it was an inside job. The fact that various co-defendants ratted each other out. He laid it out efficiently and with just enough snark in his delivery to signal the audience that he was letting them in on a story that was ridiculous from beginning to end.

On WGCL, Rebekka Schramm was almost as good as Cavitt. She had the same tone as Cavitt and covered the same highlights. She overreached a bit, though, by opening her package with an awkward line about the defendants “looking more like Barbie dolls.” A subtler touch would have been better. But Schramm and Cavitt both had the right idea: Show the viewers why this garden-variety bank robbery sentencing was worth your time, and theirs.

WXIA’s Jennifer Leslie and WAGA’s Darryl Carver had solid facts and pictures, but both told the story without much style. At 10pm, Carver never mentioned that the defendants were former strippers. Maybe the fact seemed sensational. But hey– that’s the whole reason TV covered this story to begin with. Might as well have fun with it.

3 thoughts on “Barbie Bandits

  1. Student of Life

    I thought it was also interesting how little time the Barbies got for both bank robbery and drug charges. One won’t spend any time in jail; the other will do, I think, like two years. If they weren’t hot white chicks would there be more time involved for these charges?

  2. Newsdesk

    Student of Life,

    I assume you are comparing the girls’ sentences with the sentences recieved by the black males, Chastang and Allen. Chastang is a “three strikes you are out suspect”. He has been in and out of prison many times – he went up for the drug and weapon charges and not the bank robbery. It was the second strike for Allen on drug charges, plus the robbery so he got 5 years.
    The girls rolled on the harder criminals and won.


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