Daily Archives: March 30, 2008


Moni Basu is an animal. The AJC reporter is on her fourth? fifth? tour of Iraq now, embedded with the Army’s Third Infantry Division. Her front-page piece today is really good, describing the jitters at a Forward Operating Base near Baghdad. Her first-person account of a mortar attack– catching her in the shower– is harrowing and hilarious. Curtis Compton’s photos of GIs taking shelter in a bunker during an attack are great too. Compton is on at least his third tour of Iraq. Compton’s also an animal.

The AJC can’t be bothered to cover a killer sugar mill fire in Savannah, or the World Series. But give the newspaper credit for covering the war as the Georgia story that it is.  And Basu for being the gutsiest reporter in town.

Today’s AJC piece by Jim Auchmutey, looking at how Atlanta managed to not be among the many cities that rioted following the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., is also well worth the price of a Sunday paper.