Cry for me pt 2

In a previous post about interviews done with a woman who was an on-camera wreck over the vehicle accident deaths of her loved ones, we asked: And this benefits the audience… how?

WXIA’s Jaye Watson posts some compelling answers on her blog:

“Here’s a theory I have about why people don’t like to see the Suliannas of the world crumpling on television. It scares them. I know it scares me. It reminds us terrible things can happen to any of us, without any apparent reason.

“And maybe some of us think if we don’t watch it, if we don’t see it, it can’t happen. I don’t blame you if you change the channel. I may be in news but I’m not a sadist. There are times when I’ve had enough, and long for a light romantic comedy to take me away from all of the world’s suffering.

“But there is also a part of me that believes my life has been enriched by listening to Sulianna. I see her horrific reality as a cautionary tale for me.”

Watson is a smart reporter and a thoughtful blogger. Her entire posts are here and here.

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2 thoughts on “Cry for me pt 2

  1. spaceyg

    Yeah all that, and it’s just plain cheap, tacky and common. The hysterical, public displays of emotion from people our grandmothers never would have associated with. (Not that we wouldn’t though!)

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