“I’ll go with D, Bob!”

We wonder how many people working for WSB radio gasped the first time they heard this promo: “Covering the 2008 presidential campaign- without the liberal media bias! Sean Hannity.”

At the risk of overthinking this, we gotta ask: Does this mean that WSB, a news / talk station with a fairly robust news staff

a– doesn’t consider itself a news media outlet, and that its twice-an-hour newscasts should be disregarded?

b– does consider itself a news media outlet, and is happily admitting its own liberal bias (in spite of the fact that it carries Hannity’s show)?

c– considers its news organization to be a Fox News-style “balance” to the rest of the so-called liberal media?

d– is so craven in its desire to pander to the liberal-media-conspiracy crowd that it is willing to throw the credibility of its own news organization under the bus for the sake of its promotion?

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Doug Richards is a reporter at WXIA-TV. This is his personal blog. WXIA-TV has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog, under any circumstances, in any form. For anything written herein, Doug accepts sole credit and full blame. Follow him on Twitter: @richardsdoug. All rights reserved. Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on ““I’ll go with D, Bob!”

  1. Rusty

    This sounds kind of like the Rupert Murdoch model:

    Own one channel (regular Fox) and pack it to the gills with smut and heathenry…

    Then own another channel where pundits opine about lost innocence and all the smut and heathenry on television (Fox News).

  2. billrichards

    I vote for option D. That or they just don’t recognize the contradiction. 920AM has the “We Hate Liberals” market cornered already.


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