Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

Michelle’s Racist Roommate

Some local bloggers are getting very, very excited about a Sunday AJC story they consider to be hideously written. The piece was about a local woman who was a roommate at Princeton with Michelle Obama. From The Stone’s Colossal Dream:

“Poor Brian Feagans must have drawn the short straw when he got assigned this remarkable piece

The writing itself is horrific; I wouldn’t know where to begin. But what’s worse is the entire premise, along with the literal length(s) it goes to to make its point(lessness). And by the end of the article, I certainly don’t have the impression anyone has learned anything at all.”

It’s getting mentions at Mostly Media and the Peach Pundit, thanks to Spacey G, who calls the writing “patronizing,” among other things.

We read the article Sunday. The subject was uncomfortable. It was remarkable that the former roommate talked about her past racism. Some of the prose was awkward, which we took as a reflection of the subject matter.

Our take: Go to any Terence Moore column, and you’ll find patronizing. Brian Feagans can only get better, we hope. Nothing wrong with demanding excellence from an increasingly mediocre newspaper. But let’s cut the kid some slack.