You only tease, tease, tease

During its 5pm news Monday, WAGA ran no fewer than four teases showing the “controversial” bare-backed photo of 15-year old Miley Cyrus. The kid pop star herself had denounced the photo, shot in a session with Annie Liebowitz. Each time WAGA teased its coverage, it showed the photo. The story itself ran fifty minutes into its newscast.

The teases felt icky to watch. Surely it felt just as icky to write and produce them. Surely.

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2 thoughts on “You only tease, tease, tease

  1. gooberpeas

    I’m watching less and less news on tv because of that type of thing……non stories being hyped as something we need to know.

    Fox5’s “stories” about American Idol are another good example….c’mon folks, that’s not news, it’s a commercial for the network show.


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