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It would be awfully easy to write something snarky about WSB’s special report Tuesday about a web site that offers free breast implants to women. One could certainly chide WSB for promoting the piece throughout its 5pm news, then airing it 45 minutes into the broadcast. One could use the word “exploitative” to describe WSB’s treatment of the story, just as anchor Jovita Moore used the same word to describe the site.

But the content of the story was interesting and troubling and newsworthy enough. Amanda Rosseter’s story outlined the simple premise of the site: Ladies, send us photos of yourselves– in whatever state of undress that makes you comfortable– and gross dudes can click on your profile and make donations for breast augmentation surgery. The owners of the site are in California. The on-camera interview with one of them appeared to be the work of another TV station (showing how great minds think alike for the May sweeps). Rosseter told the stories of two local women who signed up. There was the whiff of outrage in her coverage, but it was adequately balanced. This story won’t go on Rosseter’s “career highlights” reel. But she did well with a subject that could have been easily mishandled.

The site is grudgingly an American free-enterprise success story. The women using it are adults, near as we can tell. One could argue that this is about somewhat-normal women turning the tables on web-surfing pervs. Our only criticism of Rosseter’s story: Couldn’t she find somebody other than the predictable and polarizing Sadie Fields, ex-leader of the Georgia Christian Coalition, to be the main critic?  Guess not.

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