Sonic blast

It won’t win him any awards, but give WSB’s Tom Regan credit for a fun and interesting special report Thursday. Regan showed off a device called “the Mosquito,” a sonic system that emits a pulse designed to irritate the ears of the young. The idea is to use the gizmo to drive off unwanted groups of “chillin'” teens.

Regan deployed it to an unsuspecting crowd near a school, which dispersed. He played it to a classroom full of teens, most of whom expressed annoyance by it. He also played it for anchors John Pruitt and Monica Pearson. Pearson, 60, told Regan the device irritated her. Pruitt, age unknown, couldn’t hear it at all. Regan suggested that classical music might have the same effect on teens. We suggest these guys.

4 thoughts on “Sonic blast

  1. Steve Barton

    Bob Dylan played that Louvin Bros. song on his Devil-themed radio hour on XM last year. Great stuff.

  2. liveapartmentfire Post author

    I’m glad somebody commented on the Louvin Bros. Whichever one of ’em is still alive– Charlie or Ira, can’t remember– played a free show at Criminal Records a few weeks back. Not that I was there… but I’m told it was inspirational.

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