Daily Archives: May 14, 2008

Wednesday’s bright spots

Items of interest in Wednesday’s early evening newscasts (and we spent way too much time looking for something interesting and finding little. Our mood is foul as a result):

  • Beth Galvin’s report on WAGA showing that the fastest growing population of AIDS patients is African American women over the age of 50.
  • Bill Nigut’s cameo on WSB, in his capacity as SE director of the ADL. Nigut was sounding off about the boneheaded Curious George T-shirt. Nigut worked for WSB not so far back in the day. Though less blustery now, he’s still good TV.
  • Ross Cavitt’s tornado aftermath live shot in Carrollton. The WSB photog took heroic steps to frame the shot really cool, with a splintered tree trunk in the foreground.

And the winner is….

  • Wendy Saltzman’s piece on WGCL about the owner of Auburn Avenue’s Soul Food Museum allegedly ripping off eight of his fellow restaurant owners during the Sweet Auburn Festival. Seems the museum keeper sold “a nine-foot patch of concrete to eight vendors” at $500 apiece. Interesting, well-edited and well-told. And weird! We won’t quibble over whether this constituted “investigative” reporting, as WGCL contended. It was still fun to watch, on an otherwise grim night in front of the DVR.

Update:  We should have just waited for the Thursday AJC.  Its front-page Joey Ivansco photo showing a Peregrine Falcon soaring over downtown is killer.