WSB’s lead story Monday at 6 was terrific. Tom Jones interviewed a broke college student who went to municipal court to pay a fine for an HOV violation. When the court added some fees to the $75 fine, the woman said she couldn’t pay it in full. So the municipal court judge threw her in jail.

And Jones nailed it. He had accessed court footage that is apparently routinely taped, surveillance-camera style. The footage had clear audio of the judge blandly ordering the defendant to jail (initially to serve one year!), and the deputies taking her away. Jones had a lawyer and the solicitor saying the judge had overstepped. He also had an off-camera phone interview with the judge herself, who confessed that she shouldn’t have done what she did. Jones’ piece was clearheaded and damning.

If you want to see this story again, watch tonight. The other stations will be chasing it. The AJC may even get around to it in a few days.

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2 thoughts on “Overstepping

  1. spaceyg

    If that’s the same muni judge I went before a few years ago, on some garden variety car-related ticket, that woman is truly The Devil. She needs to be reigned-in. I attempted to ask ONE lousy little mouse-like procedural question, dumb me, and she went bat-sh*t crazy on me. She then threw me out of the seriously crowded courtroom! I guess I’m lucky I wasn’t tossed in the pokey right then and there.

  2. Kelly

    Jail should be reserved for real criminals, not idiots who use the HOV lane when they are the only one in the car and then cannot afford to pay a fine. This judge sounds like she gets off on throwing people in jail.


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