Daily Archives: May 21, 2008

Rough weather

Snapshots from the storm coverage:

  • WGCL’s Joanna Massee, live at 11pm: “Take a look at this tree. It didn’t fall. It snapped.”
  • WGCL actually leading its 11pm news with two storm damage pieces instead of an “only on CBS 46” exclusive.
  • WXIA’s Brenda Wood, beginning WATL’s 10pm newscast by saying “…due to downed power lines and a lot of damage, it’s been tough getting (our) reports in. We’re going to do the best we can.” WXIA spent the next thirty minutes looping the same 35 seconds of storm damage video.
  • WXIA’s Ted Hall, live in Cherokee County: “It might sound kind of trite but it really did seem like something out of a disaster movie pulling in here.” Hall and Julie Wolfe’s shared live shot had a poor signal and had a very Kirk-in-the-transporter quality to it.
  • WAGA’s Marc Teichner, with the mangled metaphor of the day: “Trees crushed cars and landed on trailers like toothpicks.”