Daily Archives: June 10, 2008

Winne Watch 6.10.08

“Mr. Bone! Did you rob a bank? What’s your side of the story?”

-Mark Winne, on WSB’s 6pm news Monday. The alleged bank robber, Levell Bone, ignored Winne’s shouts from across a parking lot. Winne identified Bone as “the Bicycle Bandit”…. caught on our camera… and caught on a SunTrust surveillance camera.” Winne gains points for his staccato delivery and high-decibel questioning. He loses points because Bone ignored him. Drama points: √√ (out of five).

Good, bad, ugly

The Good: Jon Shirek’s 6pm piece on WXIA on gas-crunch changes in auto sales. Shirek spoke with a dealer who no longer takes SUVs on trade-ins. He also revealed that hybrids may be less cost-effective than an old fashioned four-cyclinder buggy. As always, Shirek’s piece was thoughtful and well-written.

The Bad: WXIA’s new and unclever slogan: “Your gas station station.”

The Ugly: On WXIA / WATL’s 10pm news, management ordered the station to play an extended promotion for a new entertainment web site in the middle of the newscast. The promo was fronted by a chatty radio DJ, and seemed to go on forever. When the camera finally cut back to Brenda Wood and Ted Hall, they couldn’t conceal their embarrassment.