Good, bad, ugly

The Good: Jon Shirek’s 6pm piece on WXIA on gas-crunch changes in auto sales. Shirek spoke with a dealer who no longer takes SUVs on trade-ins. He also revealed that hybrids may be less cost-effective than an old fashioned four-cyclinder buggy. As always, Shirek’s piece was thoughtful and well-written.

The Bad: WXIA’s new and unclever slogan: “Your gas station station.”

The Ugly: On WXIA / WATL’s 10pm news, management ordered the station to play an extended promotion for a new entertainment web site in the middle of the newscast. The promo was fronted by a chatty radio DJ, and seemed to go on forever. When the camera finally cut back to Brenda Wood and Ted Hall, they couldn’t conceal their embarrassment.

6 thoughts on “Good, bad, ugly

  1. JasonC

    I saw the website promo at 11pm also. I think the DJ closed with something like “I’ll be using MetroMag(?) to keep up with everything going on in the ATL.” Ted Hall in an attempt to always be chatty and personable starts off on cam after the commercial “I’m looking forward to it too” (or something like that). Brenda just says, “let’s get one more look at the weather” in a beautifully curt toss to put the whole whoring incident behind them.

  2. rptrcub

    I’m sorry I missed that. I was too busy watching Monica be all concerned ‘n stuff about the non-news regarding the 10th Street/14th Street construction as the lead story on the 11 p.m. news.

  3. craptastic

    I think the woman who DJs on “The Morning Mess” (creativity in Atlanta radio is down the tubes– that might be another whole great thing to cover Doug)
    said something like “I’ll be using Metrowhatever to get the 411 on what’s up in Atlanta”. “The 411”? When did Brenda Wood get a gig on E! Entertainment News? Oh wait. It was WXIA.

  4. douglasnews07

    That’s why I’ve stopped watching channel 11. It seems like from 11:00pm-11:15pm they have news, and the rest is advertising and celebrity news.

  5. bigear

    Actually, the 11Alive 11pm has been doing well ranking up there at 2nd place in late news. But you all are missing the big picture which is that 11 is now pouring a ton of crap into websites to try to help save Gannett through new media.


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