Daily Archives: June 20, 2008

“And the number one threat to America…”

The graphic leading into Ross Cavitt’s live shot on WSB Thursday at six said “Bear on the Loose.” The story was about a black bear, documented with a cell phone camera, trotting through an East Cobb parking lot. Cavitt ended his live shot by advising viewers: “If you see this bear… go the other way.” Cavitt’s photog apparently declined to take the advice, however. The photog got close-up pictures of the bear “lounging behind an office park,” as Cavitt said. Thankfully, a chain link fence separated the bear from the photog.

It was a pretty good “get” for WSB. The DNR tried all afternoon to get as close to the bear as WSB’s photog got. Even after shooting the bear with a tranquilizer dart, the animal eluded its pursuers.

By 10pm, WAGA’s Julia Harding was on the same story. She got the same cell phone video, but her photog didn’t get the prized bear video. “Julia– what’s that behind you?” Russ Spencer playfully asked Harding at the end of her live shot, implying that the bear was in the background. Harding deadpanned that a strip mall was behind her, the joke eluding her (and perhaps much of the audience).

Interestingly, the graphic leading into Harding’s piece said “Bear on the Run.” One hour later, WSB’s 11pm follow-up also led with a graphic that said “Bear on the Run,” rather than “Bear on the Loose.” Coincidence?  Was “bear on the run” so doggone clever that WSB copied WAGA’s graphic?  Conspiracy theorists need not look on the web. Neither station has posted its bear coverage.

The Colbert nation would have been proud.