Daily Archives: June 24, 2008

Rehab for Savage

Former WSB news anchor Warren Savage avoided trial on cocaine charges after completing a drug treatment program, according to the AJC. Savage walked away from his morning anchor job after he’d repeatedly failed to show up for his 2:30am shift. His colleagues at WSB frequently had to roust him from his slumber to get him to the set on time. The behavior dumbfounded his colleagues, and foreshadowed his subsequent drug arrests.

Savage left WSB in September 2005. By August 2006, he was posing for his first booking photo.

Rodney Ho interviewed Savage after he quit WSB, but prior to his arrests. First busted in Gwinnett Co. for marijuana possession, Savage kinda disappeared following a cocaine arrest in Forsyth County. Turns out, he was in the treatment program. Somehow, Ho of the AJC ended up with a bunch of Savage’s possessions. Ho describes thusly:

Soon after he was arrested, I received a call from a guy who had some of his possessions, which had been confiscated from a storage bin. He wanted to get rid of them. I still have some of Warren’s items. Unfortunately, at the time, I had no clue how to get a hold of Warren to give them to him. It’s mostly awards and photographs of him and friends/family but also included some receipts for items he pawned off such as computers and a guitar. So Warren—if you want your personal effects, contact me…

One suspects that Mr. Savage will be strongly encouraged to submit to an AJC interview before re-acquiring his stuff.