Hell hath no fury…

In light of his documented sexual exploits– the fact that DNA tests prove that he’s the real father of his nephew, for example– Earl Paulk is a remarkable dude: Megachurch founder, jowly pompadoured Lothario, libidinous egomaniac. Dale Russell of WAGA has had his number for several years now, thanks to the fact that Paulk’s ex-secretary / victim of his Holy lecherousness has talked to Russell whenever a development ensued. Apparently the octogenerian Bishop was unaware.

The secretary, Mona Brewer, sued Paulk years back. Their case has gone back and forth. Recently, Paulk apparently sent Brewer envelopes full of cash, pitching a peace conference. Guess who Brewer called?

WAGA’s I-team wired the restaurant meeting place with three cameras. They recorded audio of Paulk calling Brewer “baby” and professing his undying devotion to her. They showed the pathetic old man’s body language, solicitous and desirous of reconciliation and God help us, perhaps more. And they showed him offering a payoff and walking her to her car, where she rebuffed his obvious desire for a good-bye embrace.

Perhaps Paulk had never heard the secular William Congreve quote about a woman scorned. No doubt, Paulk remembers this one:

  • Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
    — Proverbs 16: 18-19 (KJV)

Russell’s gambit was a crapshoot: Wire a restaurant and watch what happens. Russell skill is in maintaining the confidence of the principal victim in the story. In this instance, he lucked out, and then some– almost to the point where one feels sorry for the geriatric sociopath, still thinking with his male parts at the age of eighty-plus. Russell produces a second part Tuesday at six.

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19 thoughts on “Hell hath no fury…

  1. Peter Jennings

    Using the Investigative team to pick on an 80 year old man! Nice. Maybe that is why WSB-TV had double the ratings of WAGA last night. WSB had a special on offshore oil drilling. Let’s see what impacts viewers more…gas prices or an 80 year looking for sex?

  2. Monkey Girl7

    Name change in order. From Live Apartment Fire to That-A-Boy-myformerWAGAbuddies.com.
    How about it Doug? Your bias is stinking up this site. You might as well be honest about it!

  3. live apt fire Post author

    @ Peter Jennings: I just watched the offshore drilling piece. Did WSB really send Pruitt to Key West to do a standup and interview a marina owner? Amazing. Was this file tape epic interesting? Somewhat. Is the issue more important than Paulk? Absolutely. More interesting? No. Local? Definitely not.

    @ monkey girl7: How ’bout attaboywaga.com? That’d be simpler. But because of the large number of posts I’ve written critical of WAGA, it wouldn’t be accurate.

    Quality abuse, though. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. Ima Believer

    How about wagawules.com? (sound it out)

    Look..let’s put it this way: Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson. People are VERY interested in disgraced preachers.

  5. LBJ

    Sorry folks, this was not news. Just two very sad characters. I felt like a peeping tom througout the whole piece. I understand an old egomaniac’s motives, but she has no excuse…and neither does Fox5 for airing such pointless crap.

  6. Chris

    The piece was as sleazy as the characters involved. What is next bugging bathrooms? I question the legality of Fox 5 doing this and wonder about the ethical lines they have crossed.

  7. Austin Rhodes

    Chris, you don’t know the law very well. In Georgia, anyone participating in a conversation is free to record it. This transaction was 100% LEGAL.
    The con-preacher got nailed…he is a liar who has been betraying his flock, for YEARS.

  8. Monkey Girl7

    Doug…Doug…Doug..TV has damaged your brain beyond repair! Did you not listen to the content of the stories you screen?
    WSB had real news about Cuba drilling off the coast of America. All you seem to care about is hidden cameras.
    What’s next at WAGA…hidden cameras at nursing home to see if demented 90 year olds have sex?
    Your buddies at Fox5 must buy you drinks every Friday night.
    What exactly is it you do for a living now?

  9. Billy Martins Mother

    Hey Doug,
    Lets make this fair. Please post your work on line…so WAGA and WSB folks can give you some feedback!

  10. Whippoorwill

    No one in society holds a place of higher trust than our clergy. Those who accept that position and then betray our trust should be exposed to the highest degree possible.

    After they’re exposed, they should be defrocked and imprisoned if a crime has been committed. They accept a higher standard and should be held to it.

  11. Billy Martins Mother

    Thanks Yepps for the youtube video of Doug! That explains everything. The boring monotone read…sounds like he was stoned doing his standup. He took an exciting story and made it sound like he was phoning it in. I thought I saw Doug buying a 55 gallon drum of Ho-Ho’s at Costco.

  12. Monkeygirl7

    Hey Doug….you call that news? People can buy dope on Atlanta streets? Give me something new!

  13. yepps

    I personally liked the monotone delivery of Doug’s stories. It was the silent finger to the man. And a bow to Ben Stein. Doug: Is Monkeygirl7 an ex wife that you owe money or something? Is Billy Martins Mother her new lover?

    Monkeygirl7: did you listen to the story at all in that video I posted in my comment? The punchline was that the cops are across the &@!$* street. Not about buying drugs in general. It is a good story and shows how APD are enablers. They are too busy pulling over people who have had one drink and gone home from a braves game.

  14. bigear

    Staying clear of the overtly bias comments…
    I honestly can NOT see the value of the story. I think it plays to an audience not unlike the 70+ year-old woman sitting in her recliner with her muʻumuʻu or night gown on, clucking her tongue at it, and muttering every once-in-a-while about it being “the devil’s work.” Can you honestly say that this is the type of viewer WAGA goes after? Have they changed their demo recently? I think the end result was a big miss, but I do appriciate their effort. I’m just not sure that this was the story to pull out the big hidden camera guns.

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