Daily Archives: July 16, 2008

Career change

TV reporters will tell you there are many reasons they do what they do. As youngsters, they enter the business with a romantic view of journalism and the notion that it can change the world. Or they want to be part of the events that shape their world and community. Some may have the more craven motivation of becoming highly-paid news anchors.

But as they get older, many will ruefully explain why they stay in the business: It’s because they have no other job skills.

July 15 was a lousy day for two former TV reporters who have sought to make a career change. One of them, former WSB reporter Dale Cardwell, got clobbered in an effort to win the Democratic nomination for the US Senate. Cardwell’s quest was always puzzling. Though he carried a strong idealistic streak in his reporting, he never seemed overtly political.

Cardwell did numerous stories with a common theme: Vernon Jones is a menace. When Cardwell jumped in the race, it almost seemed to stem from his professional antagonism against Jones, extended to the political arena. Jones and Jim Martin got more votes than Cardwell. No doubt, this gave Jones enormous amounts of undeserved satisfaction.

Steen Miles has run at least four political campaigns since leaving WXIA in the 1990s. She ran against Jones for DeKalb CEO eight years ago, and lost badly. But then she got elected to the state Senate. Unfortunately, she overreached afterward. She abandoned her Senate seat to make an ill-advised run for Lieutenant Governor and got clobbered. Tuesday she lost another election for DeKalb CEO. (She appeared on the ballot as Steen “Newslady” Miles.)

But the most peculiar splash made lately by an ex-TV reporter involved Cynthia Good, late of WAGA and now publisher of a magazine called Pink. Good somehow convinced Mayor Shirley Franklin to replace the inscriptions of 50 “men at work” signs with the more gender-neutral “workers ahead.” Good called it a victory against discrimination. Each new sign will cost $122.

The bloggers loved that bit of political correctness, especially the right-wing boys club at Peach Pundit, whose editor opined that the city should have told “her to get back in the kitchen and take her shoes off — the truly appropriate response to this silliness.”

Hey, at least Good’s not a blogger, right?

Oh, wait. She is. Never mind.