WXIA News Director Steps Down…

WXIA announced today that news director Cal Callaway is leaving that post. He will remain on the payroll and will oversee day-to-day newsroom operations. WXIA is looking for a new news director.

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5 thoughts on “WXIA News Director Steps Down…

  1. Scott Hedeen

    Cal Callaway will be ,in my faded news memory, the best desk person I ever had the chance of working with. In a breaking news situation, I just had to hear his voice on the other end of the IFB to know things were going to get done.

    In a news world where decision making … let alone making the RIGHT decision … is almost non existant on a manager level, Cal was right on 100 percent.

  2. Scott Hedeen

    ADDITION. The memory refreshes.. my details from above are about the man I worked with in 1998. Things in the WXIA newsroom, good and bad, were alot different when I quit in 2006.

  3. bigear

    I am confident that it would be hard for a news director to do his job with both hands tied behind your back.


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