Wanna be a ND?

It was always striking to hear employees of WXIA’s news room refer to Cal Callaway in rather affectionate terms.   Such terms rarely came from the mouths of employees of other newsrooms while speaking of their managers.  Callaway, by all accounts, is a reasonably sane man.  Inside his chest, there reportedly beats an actual human heart.

Perhaps those two qualities made him ill-suited to be a news director in a major TV market.

WXIA’s news department needs help.  The crushing dullness of its newscasts has hindered its effort to win an audience.  But its newscasts do have an element of humanity that one doesn’t see at the other stations.  Brenda Wood may be responsible for much of that, as well as its literate and thoughtful reporting staff.   Callaway may be responsible for it as well.

One cannot envy Callaway’s replacement.  WXIA is now asking reporters to shoot their own stories.  In October, WXIA will insist that photographers no longer drive their station cars home.  Both moves will inhibit WXIA from getting timely video and solid information into its newscasts.

Compare that to the new guy at WGCL.  Whose job would you rather have?  At least WGCL is trying to become competitive.  WXIA is throwing in the towel.

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Doug Richards is a reporter at WXIA-TV. This is his personal blog. WXIA-TV has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog, under any circumstances, in any form. For anything written herein, Doug accepts sole credit and full blame. Follow him on Twitter: @richardsdoug. All rights reserved. Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Wanna be a ND?

  1. Kay Flowers

    You know, Cal was “one of us” in the newsroom for so long, and it’s very difficult to go from that to being “in charge of us”. I think he did the best he could at balancing his role as a grassroots newsman with his position as a management tie-guy. I always thought he sometimes said and did things, not so much because he thought it was right, but because that was the mandate from the people above him. In any case, he’s still in the newsroom, and hopefully from his new perspective, he can still influence the shows. I’m really so thrilled to not be there right now (!). Hi Doug. Hi Scott H.

  2. bigear

    Even though it might not come off from the posts, Cal does know his stuff. I hope that the new news director keeps him on and gives some perspective to corporate on what the real problems are at WXIA.


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