Daily Archives: August 3, 2008


LAF is going on semi-hiatus for much of August. Our stand-in will be moderating the blog and adding some pre-packaged, timeless posts.

But the fun continues. Turn on the news. Grab a bottle (not before noon, please). Do a shot whenever you hear:

  • Makeshift memorial
  • Totally destroyed
  • Barely escaped with their lives
  • only on (this station)
  • our helicopter is over an accident now…
  • “he was a quiet guy, kept to himself…”
  • closure
  • the staccato voice of Mark Winne
  • Ken Cook calling Atlanta “the city of fountains.”

Do a double shot whenever you hear these horrifying cliches:

  • More questions than answers
  • Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst
  • It sounded like a freight train
  • Remains to be seen
  • Monica Pearson appearing overly sincere (limit: two per newscast).

And then, when you’re done, chase it with a beer and watch Tom Waits conduct the best news conference ever. Stay tuned for the visual punch line at the end: