The Evan Thomason Show

At first blush, this was just weird as hell. We found it on WGCL’s website: A 14:39 piece it calls “the Evan Thomason Show.” It’s an absurdly elaborate spoof of a TV show featuring an absurdly cute tow-headed boy of that name. There’s no explanation offered. He appears to be nine. In the piece, Thomason turns up in WGCL’s newsroom. The following hilarity ensues:

  • Meteorologist Laura Huckabee puts Thomason in front of a green screen and advises: “When you point, don’t use your pointer finger. Be as vague as possible. That way nobody can hold you to anything.”
  • The camera goes to the control room. Thomason narrates: “This is the producer. He thinks he’s in charge.”
  • Thomason, co-anchoring a “special report” with Bill Gaines (“in our matching Brooks Brothers suits”), watches video of Gaines hitting some golf shots during a charity fundraiser. “Looks like you could use a little practice, Bill,” the boy opines.
  • In a ridiculous original song commissioned by WGCL to conclude the piece, the singer lists Thomason’s many amazing attributes. Among them: he’s “smarter than the scientists that can’t get it right.”

WGCL never actually says that Thomason owes this elaborate bit of TV to WGCL’s involvement in the Make-A-Wish foundation. But there’s some obvious product placement. With that as the background, it starts to make sense.

WGCL deserves credit for poking a fair amount of fun at itself publicly.  And it deserves credit for going all-out on the production, for a “show” that probably never aired on TV.

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8 thoughts on “The Evan Thomason Show

  1. Andy Thomason

    The little boy is my son, Evan. He is a 7 year old from Birmingham, AL diagnosed with a non-curable solid tumor cancer called Neuroblastoma. His “Make-a-Wish” request was to “be a star and have his own TV show”.

  2. Wrangler of Found Light


    WGCL made a child’s dream come true and you ripped it in a blog!?



    I don’t believe he ripped it. What he actually said was: “WGCL deserves credit for poking a fair amount of fun at itself publicly. And it deserves credit for going all-out on the production, for a “show” that probably never aired on TV.”

    The lead line basically just means it seemed out of place.

    Cheers to 46–Make A Wish–and prayers for Evan.

  4. LBJ

    If you actually read LAF’s whole review, he is giving 46 credit for putting many hours worth of time into what I thought was a well produced piece to make a kid happy. Having recently lost a family member to brain cancer, it was good to see a kid have a dream fulfilled.

  5. live apt fire Post author

    @ Andy Thomason–

    I cannot imagine the trials your son and family have endured. He’s adorable, and it shows in 46’s piece. I intended the post to be respectful, and I hope you took it that way. Best wishes to you, your family and Evan.

  6. Devin Bowens

    I went to school with evan he is truly remarkable. He is the sweetest and nicest little boy you will ever meet in a lifetime.I am praying for your family. I wish you the best-

  7. jsm

    RIP Evan. I never even met you but you are a hero to me. A fighter until the end. We should all be so lucky to have your courage.


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