Daily Archives: August 29, 2008

The low road

LAF gets awfully weary of its pious, know-it-all trips along the high road every single day. As a respite, we cheerfully gas up and head down the low road. What we’re about to show you has the whiff of baloney-with-cheese to it. But since we’re traveling the low road, we’re duty-bound to expel this. Authentic?  You decide:

At the risk of overanal yzing, the fact is this: Our subject, Mr. Mark Winne of WSB, would have had to deliver a resounding, high decibel blast from his nether region in order for the audio to reach his chest-borne lavalier microphone with such splendid clarity. And while we’re confident Winne has such capabilities, this smells of high mischief to us. Or, some audio glitch that reverberated from the control room when Winne’s package abruptly dumped. So to speak.

An LAF reader alerted us to this a couple of weeks ago, claiming this is how it sounded on TV. The same reader directed us to the video this week— motivated, no doubt, to clear the air.

By the way, youtube is filled with such stuff, with noises obviously dubbed into the delivery of live TV. But this one appears irrefutably to be the real deal. The host’s recovery is as splendid as her couture. Happy Labör Day. Viva Sweden.