From TV to VP

In 1988, Sarah Palin was Sarah Heath.  Heath was a sportscaster at a TV station in Anchorage.  Now the ex-sportscaster is John McCain’s VP-to-be.  Chuckle, only if you are without embarrassing video of yourself from this particular time period:

Can an ex-local TV goon make the leap to the vice presidency?  The only other national figure with a local TV background (that we can think of) is Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas.  (The late Sen. Jesse Helms, R-NC was commentator at WRAL, Raleigh.)  It’s interesting that all three made the leap from the “liberal” media to Republican party activism.

Maybe that was Dale Cardwell’s problem– wrong party.  Or the fact that he’s not married to a snowmobiling champ.

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9 thoughts on “From TV to VP

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  2. rptrcub

    I heard “beaver roundup,” and the 8-year-old in me had to laugh out loud.

    I am one of the heathen libtards, but I do have to say that this choice helped McC gain the blue collar, voting-with-your-penis demographic.

  3. Newsguy

    Dagmar Midcap for Secretary of State!

    McCain/Palin/Midcap ’08 = because the White House makes for a much better Playboy Mansion.

  4. Seven squirrels twirling on a brannch

    Yeah, and the Democratic Party is greatest!!! Yea team!!!!! Weee hoooo!!!!!



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