Daily Archives: September 7, 2008

Future cancer survivors

On WXIA’s news Friday, Ted Hall told viewers that reporter Jerry Carnes is now fighting prostate cancer.  Carnes has been with WXIA since 1988.  He’s a swell guy and one of Atlanta’s best TV storytellers.

He’s still on the job.  Hall’s announcement followed a moving piece Carnes produced Friday night about a fallen US soldier, and a dedication made in his memory at Shiloh High School’s football game.

Carnes is blogging about his fight against cancer.  In the spirit of sharing his optimism, we’ve taken the liberty of swiping the headline from his first post.  Best wishes, amigo.

Meantime, the AJC reports that reporter / anchor JaQuitta Williams is leaving WSB.  Williams tells Rodney Ho that her recent fight against breast cancer caused her to change perspective on her TV news career.  She also relates a couple of amusing “signs” that signaled her it was time to move on.  Williams joined WSB in 2004.

Williams tells Ho that she’s now cancer-free.

Best wishes to Williams as she presumably changes careers, a course of action we strongly endorse for TV newsies who value their sanity.  (Stage whisper to JaQuitta:  Write me.  You’d be a great guest blogger on LAF.)