O’Reilly v. Tucker

What an odd Saturday assignment for a three-person camera crew:  Stake out the home of AJC editor Cynthia Tucker, ambush her when she arrives home from the grocery store, and confront her with questions about a recent column.  Mostly Media suggests that Tucker should have invited them in for sweet tea and pound cake.

Turns out the camera crew was doing the bidding of Fox News goon Bill O’Reilly.  It seems O’Reilly was miffed that Tucker called him a hypocrite.  On his program, O’Reilly said that the pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s daughter was a private matter.  But when Britney Spears’ teenage sister got pregnant, O’Reilly told his audience the Spears parents deserved part of the blame.

Tucker wasn’t alone calling out O’Reilly.   The Daily Show did the same thing, showing O’Reilly’s clips.

The AJC’s Jay Bookman blogged about the encounter at Tucker’s home. Apparently O’Reilly didn’t get the satisfaction he sought.  It seems the video hasn’t aired on his program.

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