Gaseous clouds

Chris Shaw, WAGA

Chris Shaw, WAGA

Friday’s coverage of gasoline supplies and prices yielded some unexpected contradictions.  What was the story?  Depended on which station you watched.

WAGA’s Chris Shaw told viewers at 10 that gasoline stations “sprinkled all across the Atlanta metro area”  were suddenly experiencing shortages.  In a Q & A with anchor Russ Spencer, Shaw told viewers the supply problems would probably last up to another three weeks.  WAGA’s gas station video was nearly 100% hand-held; it appears WAGA photogs are fed up with shooting this stuff.

Shaw gave the urbane South Florida pronunciation to the street Atlantans call Ponce de LEE-on.  If Shaw can start a trend, we’re for it.  Ponce Day-lay-ohn just sounds right, even though it isn’t.

WGCL’s Jennifer Mayerle told viewers much the same thing at 11.  AAA  was the main source for reports on both TV stations.  Mayerle urged viewers not to panic and top off their tanks, which would only exacerbate the problem.

WSB’s Rachel Kim had a much mellower take at 6.  The thrust of her coverage was prices, and the fact that they’d begun to drop below $4.00 per gallon.  Kim told viewers that AAA expected supplies of fuel in metro Atlanta to return to normal by the middle of this week– sharply contrasting with the prediction by WAGA’s Shaw.  By Sunday WSB had changed its tune, once again trumpeting short supplies of gasoline and empty tanks at stations.

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3 thoughts on “Gaseous clouds

  1. rptrcub

    Uhm, Shaw can kiss my grits. It’s Ponce de LEE-on. Why am I headstrong about this? Because I’ve been told by outsiders that the way I say it is wrong and that the Spanish pronunciation is the only correct way. Day-lay-ohn might be correct in talking about the explorer; the street’s a different matter and it sounds ungodly to me when I hear it.

    Don’t mess with the pronunciation of local place names, either in Atlanta or elsewhere.

  2. Chris

    I love it when tourists do the news and then mispronounce things. Oh wait, he’s not a tourist he is just yet another new face in a market that turns over talent daily it seems. You’d think a producer, a photog, or someone could have made sure that he knew how to pronounce Ponce the Atlanta way.

  3. Big Sid

    Two things:

    1: Did you catch WSB’s 11 on sunday? They had one of their reporters doing a remote from a dumpster in Norcross. The actual story was that a bunch of credit card applications from a looooooong defunct department store chain wound up in said dumpster, a lady found it (presumably while either dumpster diving or trying to throw her own stuff in someone else’s dumpster) and called th’ teevee because IDENTITY THEFT. Still, at the end of the day, it was a remote in front of a dumpster in Norcross at 11 PM.

    Back when I worked in Macon, we had practically the same story, except it was a truck trailer full of medical records from the local hospital, and our guy had to stand on the sidewalk and pick up one that happened to blow by him, since the lot they were in was private property.

    2: Speaking of Macon, we had a cheat sheet of weird local pronunciations that all talent kept on their desk. Pio Nono (Pie-Oh Noh-Noh) Avenue, Houston County (“house-ton”), Taliaferro County, etc. etc. etc. Even if our talent WAS brand new to town, they could at least get the street names right. It amazes me that Atlanta stations can’t get some of this stuff right.


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