Polling projection

Hurray for Gannett, which laid out some decent coin for a statewide poll on the upcoming election.  The poll could have been a yawner, in a red state that seems sure to re-elect Saxby Chambliss to the US Senate.

Instead, the poll revealed that challenger Jim Martin had substantially tightened the race.  It gave WXIA and WMAZ in Macon a nice exclusive on a pretty big political story (criticism from the righties at Peach Pundit notwithstanding, which faulted the poll for asking good churchgoing Georgians such unseemly questions on a Sunday and Monday).

But here’s our question:  WTF is up with that graphic used by Denis O’Hayer to illustrate the poll?  We believe that’s a static pie chart displayed by — yes, a slide projector!  Awesome.

OK, maybe it was a computer projector.  Even in the 70s, WXIA could have put O’Hayer in front of a green screen and displayed that graphic in chroma-key.  But apparently, not this week.  WXIA opted for a nostalgic 1950s look instead.  In an age when a guy like CNN’s John King can move and draw and re-shape political data on a TV screen (see below), we are wistfully heartened by WXIA’s stubbornly quaint use of older than old-school technology.

At least WXIA showed it in HD.

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6 thoughts on “Polling projection

  1. CD

    We paid a couple of hundred dollars for that projector (Gannett waited until they were cheap). We have even held training sessions on how to use it in the morning, mid-morning, afternoon, evening, internet and next-day planning meetings. I do not understand why you are not properly impressed!

  2. rptrcub

    What I’d like to see is an American equivalent the swingometer: basically a Wheel of Fortune -like device used during the 1960s and 70s on BBC during the coverage of their parliamentary elections (yes, I’m a nerd who watched too many online archival pieces). The devices were used to calculate the number of seats a party would have, based on an electoral swing in one direction or the other.

    Even the Beeb these days uses an electronic version a la John King — the iCNN Touch — though.


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