Murphy’s law

The bad news is that WGCL hasn’t given up its weekly feature called “Restaurant Report Card.” The good news is that it’s somewhat less embarrassing than it used to be.

Up until early September, reporter Adam Murphy typically started each RRC with a visit to a “good” restaurant.  That portion of the report would feature Murphy wearing a Regis Philbin-style talk-show-host hat, laughing it up with the restaurant crew and showing off all the great chow displayed on a plate before him.  Then Murphy turned into a pit bull, pursuing restauranteurs on camera whose restaurants had received failing health inspection scores.  It was schizophrenic and just weird.

The last two RRCs eliminated the Murphy-as-Philbin intros and outros, sticking with the kicking-ass-and-taking-names portion of the report.  And WGCL has dressed it up with a slick, somewhat edgy looking pre-produced intro and outro, showing Murphy as consumer reporter tough guy.  We’ll admit, this improves this still-farcical franchise.

It appears WGCL’s new regime is sticking with RRC, a decision that confirms local TV will try anything to carve a niche.   RRC remains flawed; Murphy’s on-camera pursuit of restaurant operators appears to be pretty arbitrary.  Gwinnett and Cobb restaurants seem to be the most likely targets for the Murphy scoldfest.  WGCL still doesn’t draw a huge audience.  But in a tough economic environment, RRC can do some serious damage to some of these small businesses just by driving off a small number of customers.

Adam Murphy, WGCL

Seasoning added: Adam Murphy, WGCL

We’re wondering if the September 5 segment is responsible for management fine-tuning RRC.  As Murphy speaks on camera about “a great new restaurant” at Cobb Galleria, he’s in the kitchen, at the grill stir-frying something himself.  As he closes the piece, he affably says “I’m hot.  I gotta get out of here.”  As he says it, he appears to be wiping sweat from his brow— as the food cooks below him.  (And shouldn’t he be wearing a hat?)

Maybe somebody should stick a camera in that guy’s face.

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16 thoughts on “Murphy’s law

  1. imabeliever

    That last criticism is VERY weak. Here’s why: that food was probably NOT MEANT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
    The crew shoots several closeup shots of various dishes that the restaurant prepares. That food, as far as I know, is not eaten by any customers (maybe by some famished, over-worked employee).
    There have been one or two restaurants closed by health inspectors recently after posting insanely low scores (one a few months ago had a 15 and was reported on by the AJC, WSB, and others).
    This IS an important beat, one I hope the station covers.
    By the way, the next time you get sick after eating out, remember how important clean restaurants are.

  2. cityjock

    It would seem that a man so busy with his own production company WOULDN’T have the time for a stupid blog.

    That’s right, your blog is STUPID.

  3. Fiddler

    Cityjock, go eat some bran! Your nastiness CAN be cured!! I find Doug’s blog of glimpses into the behind-the-scenes workings of a news-gathering organization(s)to be informative and entertaining.

  4. imabeliever

    The blog is entertaining and informative.

    But the problem we have in the media business is that we believe that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD agrees with us when it comes to deciding what good stories are.

    This restaurant report card beat (yes I’m back on topic) is important because it can affect people’s health. It’s not a forum for Murphy to stick a mike in front of someone’s face for no reason.

  5. Scott Hedeen

    hey adam… i think the dude at the zaxby’s near my house didnt wash his hands!

    you know what? the more i think about it…. hanging out at a PF Chang’s is alot better than reporting news about shootings/stabbings/stealing/gas shortages!

    good work adam. i won’t tell anyone about cushy gig!

    so now go confort a KFC night manager about his nasty chicken snackers!

  6. soca

    It is funny that any time this blogger says something to critique this Adam Murphy guy all of his (obvious) friends log on to bash said blog. Adam, sure hope you’re not emailing your buddies to trash this or any other outlet that might have something less than glowing to say. Take some criticism, brother. You are a public figure and put yourself out there for some hits. And yes the franchise IS somewhat silly. Cush beat indeed. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. OhDear

    Here’s the problem. Even if Murphy did not INTEND for the food to be consumed (that was very obvious), it sends out a careless and gross message which just seems ironic for the RRC guy. But I agree that the RRC is important for GCL…it’s their only trademark and they’re hanging on by a thread….a fraying, thinning thread…..

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