Yoda, your writing coach

"Die, you must."

TV reporters, writing in a style that substitutes gerunds for verbs.  Stories, dribbling out over the air that are replete with nonsensical non-sentences.  TV news managers, too distracted to rein in this stuff.  Blogger, irritated every time he hears it, now picking on the new kid at WAGA, who wrote way too much of a story this way.  The new kid, probably just mimicking similar stuff written by other reporters in Atlanta.

Yoda, an inexact parallel.  Acceptable, at your discretion.

Viewers, wishing they could hear stories with complete sentences.  News junkies, turning to newspapers and the web, where they don’t write this way.  God, getting thanked for that.

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Doug Richards is a reporter at WXIA-TV. This is his personal blog. WXIA-TV has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog, under any circumstances, in any form. For anything written herein, Doug accepts sole credit and full blame. Follow him on Twitter: @richardsdoug. All rights reserved. Thanks for visiting.

6 thoughts on “Yoda, your writing coach

  1. LBJ

    Ahhh, we pine away for the old days, when Paul Shields and Ken Roberts put “now” in front of every other sentence.


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