ENG romance

Maybe you saw this.  It happened last week.  It was cute, especially since one local TV station in Lubbock, Texas allowed a weatherman from a competing station into its studio to pull it off.  Would that happen here?  Not in a million years:

Plenty of TV marriages succeed, sometimes in highly competitive environments.  Like the investigative photographer / producer from one ATL station who married an executive producer from another ATL station.  They’re a cute couple and they’ve been together for years.

Then there’s the Atlanta anchorwoman who married a photographer in the lobby of the TV station at which they both worked.  That marriage didn’t go so well.

This leads us to the following spoof of a married anchor team, and the on-air surprise that darkly mimics last week’s Texas proposal.  Great Job!

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6 thoughts on “ENG romance

  1. newshound

    I think that marriage proposal was actually in Texas. People who hijack the public airwaves to do that should be banished from the business.

    A news director in Kentucky did that once during his station’s Kentucky Derby Coverage. I threw up in my mouth while watching.

    [[I’ve corrected the post, which previously said the station was in Arkansas. Thanks for pointing out the error. — LAF]]

  2. scott hedeen

    i wanna know what happens when the weatherman’s contract isn’t renewed…and he has a knock down drag out fight with the ND… then who’s side does the wife take? i mean… the ND could have her doing the Farm Report on sunday mornings!

    never keep all yr eggs in one basket…

  3. live apt fire Post author

    @ hedeen: in this instance, the two work at competing stations. But yeah, you wonder. At the same time, I doubt the kind of behavior you suggest is commonplace.

    You ought to ask this question of the photog whose reporter wife sued the TV station at which they both worked. My guess is that he’d say: No outward effect on him.

    @ Millie: I think the “only married news team in the tri-county area” may make additional appearances here, now that I’ve figure out how to embed their video.

  4. scott hedeen

    oh… competeing stations… that can be worse… how about the worry of a “leak” of an “exclusive”?

    i’d be worried… the station goes under… which can happen ya know… and they are both out of jobs. … plus it’s news… ewww! news people are creepy!

    i know the photog to ask… he’s a yankee now… so he’s not a reliable source.


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