Comedian wanted

Mark Hyman, WAGA

Mark Hyman, WAGA

Rodney Ho’s AJC blog reports WAGA is re-assigning its so-called Road Warrior.  Mark Hyman is returning to daytime general assignment reporting.  Ho says WAGA hasn’t decided how to replace him and is considering rotating reporters through the shift, a notion that probably chills the bones of some of the staff there now.

The Road Warrior is a worthwhile effort to take the hours-long Good Day Atlanta away from the tedium of the studio.  The problem is that it hasn’t worked well.  Hyman’s predecessor, Brett Martin, cultivated an image as an on-air fool.  It seemed to play well with the audience but made folks cringe at the TV station.  Hyman is a good reporter and is a genuinely funny guy.  But he isn’t a truly natural TV performer.

Sarah Parker, WGCL

Sarah Parker, WGCL

It isn’t just Hyman’s fault.  Too often, the segment finds itself at restaurants that have opened early just to accommodate WAGA. The Road Warrior needs a full-time producer to figure a way out of the restrictions that naturally occur at that hour.

Few have noticed, but WGCL has installed Sarah Parker as its version of the Road Warrior on Better Mornings Atlanta.  Parker may help that program expand its viewership beyond friends and family of the on-air talent.  She’s at ease, a bit wry and bubbly when necessary.  Like Hyman, she too often finds herself at restaurants.

Matt "Lucky" Yates

We'll have what he's drinking: Matt "Lucky" Yates

The problem with both Hyman and Parker is that they’re TV reporters.  WAGA needs to realize that this isn’t a reporter gig.  They need to hire a comedian. somebody who is smart and knows Atlanta and has some varied experiences as a performer.  A quick wit is essential.  A slightly subversive streak would be a plus.

WAGA would be lucky to get this guy.

12 thoughts on “Comedian wanted

  1. Roxy Razor

    So, tell me what I have to do to help our friend Lucky (also pronounced YUCKY) to get this gig??

    I will do it!

  2. Karla Turbyfield

    This is what I posted on the AJC site that mentions Hyman’s re-assignment:
    “There is only one person in this town fit to be the Road Warrior — Lucky Yates! Charming, handsome, very funny, and a Great Voice! Lucky Yates is the ONLY choice!!”
    I mean every word. Mark Hyman is a fine reporter, but I’ve barely been able to watch a Road Warrior segment since he took over. Lucky would be fabulous! Plus, he has all those Good Eats episodes to use as audition tapes!!

  3. ifb

    I would be a little fearful of accepting that job.
    Does anyone even watch that morning show? a look at the ratings says no, not really…

    That seems a likely cutback when layoffs hit soon

  4. chance

    Agreed. Lucky Yates needs an outlet. This would be a perfect gig for him. Loved everything he’s done with Dad’s Garage. Not that WAGA cares what we want.

  5. bad white trash memories

    At first I thought Mark was a perfect fit for this position, but it’s now clear that he’s entirely too witty and clever to fill Brett Martin’s shoes. Not that Brett can’t be witty and clever, just that he was able not to be.

    I wholeheartedly agree that this postion needs a full-time producer. Although Blaze works his butt off, they won’t allow him enough control for him to make any real difference.

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