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The de-fanged cartoonist

Frank Ski, Luckovich on WXIA

Frank Ski, Luckovich on WXIA

Highlights from fast-forwarding through WXIA’s three hours of local election coverage on WATL, which featured a cast of characters and commentators making guest appearances:

“Why, at your age, are you writing a book?  Shouldn’t you be out playing?”  Reporter  Kevin Rowson, to “noted kid and author” 13 year old Jonathan Krohn, about his book Defined Conservatism.

“You reckon?”  A playful Joe Lowery, civil rights icon, to Brenda Wood, after Wood speculated that Lowery had voted for Barack Obama.

“He’s got to win South Carolina twice now.”  AJC cartoonist Mike Luckovich, on states John McCain needs to win in order to get an Electoral College majority.

“Because you’re in love with Barack Obama.”  Morning DJ Erick Von Haessler to Luckovich, after Luckovich opined that his job would be easier with Sarah Palin in office.

“You’ve gotten to the nub of my quandry.”  Luckovich, responding to Von Haessler.

“Bread?  Tenda and Bread?”  WXIA web guy Chris Sweigert, attempting to toss back to Ted Hall and Brenda Wood.

“We’ve heard some interesting combinations.” / “‘Bread’ seems to be sticking.”  Wood and Hall, acknowledging Sweigert’s toss during hour three of the station’s local coverage.