Mourning Mike Kavanagh

mike-kavanaghLongtime WSB radio reporter and “Money Matters” host Mike Kavanagh died at his suburban Atlanta home Saturday.  He was 57.  The AJC reports that Kavanagh was decorating his home for the holidays when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

WSB radio’s web site has a nice tribute to Kavanagh, a 40 year veteran of radio and TV.  He and Lisa Campbell hosted WSB’s Atlanta’s Evening News before the station shut down the newscast in favor of syndicated talk.  He remained with the station as the host of a financial planning program, and producer of financial segments for WSB’s news.  Among his awards was an Edward R. Murrow award for an investigative series called “Ripped Off in the Name of God.”

Though he’d worked in TV in the early days of CNN, Kavanagh was a devoted radio guy.  He helped create the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.  He also created and managed a web site devoted to the history of WSB radio.

Quoted on WSB’s web site, Campbell says “Mike was an incredible talent, a good human being, my longtime co-anchor, but most of all, my dear, dear friend…. There will never be another Kavanagh.”  Our condolences to his friends, family and colleagues.

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10 thoughts on “Mourning Mike Kavanagh

  1. 2video1

    I knew Mike. He was avey personable man,loved what he did and loved helping people. It is a great loss to the WSB Radio family. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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  3. Matt K

    I worked at WSB for a short time between ’99 & ’00 and had the opportunity to work with Mike Kavanagh. He was truly a sweetheart of a man. For someone who worked in a business of big egos, he had no ego at all. I am very saddened to hear about his passing.

  4. LisaCampbell

    Hi Doug,
    Thanks for doing the nice piece on Mikey. This is Lisa Campbell and I worked with him for 15 years at WSB. I’m up thinking about his transition here at 5am and saw your post. I will tell you that everything that people are saying about him today — is TRUE. Mike was a consummate professional, a good friend to everyone he met, he’d try to help ALL who asked him to — and if he couldn’t help, he’d work to find someone who could. And he made it all look so easy. I loved our personal chats during the breaks about everything — and nothing. And laughing. And thinking. And at the end of the day we’d say — see ya tomorrow kiddo. It’ll never get any better than that. I’ll miss him. I know that he rests in PEACE.

  5. William A. Sego

    Count me a dedicated fan of the late Mike Kavanagh’s radio broadcasts. Why? Because not only was he a consummate professional — but he personified optimism. And more so than any other person I ever heard talk-whether in person-or on radio or TV. That optimism was contagious — and was always present in his newscasts and in his Money Matters radio show. I thought he would be broadcasting for years to come. But was shocked and saddened to learn of his sudden passing. Reading the highly complimentary testimonials from his co-workers — brings to mind the saying, “The Good Die Young”. William A. Sego.

  6. marc

    I was out of town when he passed and completely missed the story until I just happened upon it now. I too worked closely with Mike for a handful of years at WSB while I was attending Georgia State for journalism. He would often ask what was being discussed in my classes and would laugh a knowing laugh at the lessons I was being taught. I still remember something he said to me about modern journalism; “Journalism now only exists in the classroom.” As I worked in radio I would hear that quote in my head many times.
    There are many other things I remember about him. He was in many ways that crusty news reporter with a heart of gold cliche. While I acknowledge I haven’t been in the WSB radio newsroom in several years, I know that it and all of Atlanta journalism is worse off.

  7. Fred Jones

    You know how sometimes something just “pops into your head?” I had been looking over some financial paperwork earlier today and suddenly started thinking about Mike Kavanagh. He was a true example of honesty and integrity. I had the chance to talk with him several times back when he and Clark Howard would go out into the community and have financial seminars. Mike would take whatever time was needed to answer a question during a break, and also gave me some great advice plus his office number & email in case I had any other questions. I remember him telling me about one of his favorite charities which involved providing wheelchairs for people who needed them but couldn’t afford one! I hope my posting today will inspire others to continue supporting that charity! Mike Kavanagh is still missed by us!
    Our Thoughts and Prayers continue to be with his family, and also with all of his friends & co-workers at WSB Radio.
    -Fred Jones


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