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Winne Watch 12.16.08

Secret Squirrel

Secret Squirrel

“He had just changed out of his court clothes and was about to change his address — from a local jail, to state prison.”

WSB’s Mark Winne, Tuesday at 6pm.  Drama points:  √√√√ (out of five).brian-nichols

Winne had obtained tape shot by Fulton Co. Sheriff’s deputies, showing convicted killer Brian Nichols transferring from local custody to a state prison.  Winne interviewed a Fulton Co. sheriff’s office Major, who says Nichols was “trembling” as he entered the state prison.  “You sure?” Winne quickly asked, and the Major reaffirmed.  Winne also reported that Nichols heard catcalls from other prisoners as he entered.  It was a nice little TV scoop.