The Cult of Dagmar

The subject of this post is kinda the proverbial gorilla in the room, an issue mostly sidestepped on this modest blog.  Dagmar Midcap is the foremost face of WGCL’s news, a weather forecaster without any meteorological bona fides.  But that doesn’t seem to matter (in light of that, though, it’s always amusing to see WGCL proudly display the AMS credentials of its other two forecasters, Laura Huckabee and Jennifer Valdez).  Midcap is blessed with what Anheuser-Busch might call “watchability.”  For a station of WGCL’s stature, any such asset is a plus, meteorologist or not.

On TV each night, Midcap is bland and buttoned-down, with almost no hint of the sexpot cult leader that rules her salivating fans. The cult of Dagmar is best found in locations outside of WGCL’s airwaves.  There are the billboards.  They used to display Midcap’s talents from head to sternum.  In recent months, the station’s promotion has toned down the hint of cleavage, concentrating on points north.  But the best place to look is Youtube.

Turns out that the radio show known as The Regular Guys worships Midcap.  And one of the Guys is a man who calls himself Southside Steve (SSS), a fortyish, ponytailed, overgrown frat boy who produces TV vignettes with titles like “Hooters Swimsuit Pagaent.”  He uploads them to Youtube, and several include Midcap.  “Are you into radio guys?” he asks leeringly in the piece seen below.  Yet as creepy as SSS seems, give Midcap credit for handling his drooling ickyness with grace and humor.

There are many other examples.  Even when SSS interviewed WGCL reporter Kim Fettig, he couldn’t resist a Dagmar question. Our favorite moment is when Fettig asks him if he was “creepy” during an interview with Midcap.  SSS’s  entire persona suggests that Fettig already knew the answer.

Curiously, the collection of Dagmar appearances on SSS uploads appears to end right around the time that WGCL hired Steve Schwaid as news director.  Schwaid has striven to strengthen WGCL’s credibility as a news organization, so it may not be a coincidence.

Meantime, go ahead and say it:  Way to play to the cheap seats, LAF.  Thank you very much.

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12 thoughts on “The Cult of Dagmar

  1. FJ

    SouthSide Steve is great. Dagmar Midcap is great. Thats the only reason I watch 46 news. And the only reasoon I know about Dagmar is from the Regular Guys. So I don’t think it was a mistake by channel 46 to allow her to do the interviews. Dagmar is not only hot but she has a very soothing voice

  2. Bad White Trash Memories

    I feel sorry for Dagmar for the first time ever. Although, having worked with both SSS and Dagmar, I’ve never seen or heard either of them do anything unprofessional or inappropriate, as one might expect and I certainly don’t think that Dagmar views herself as some sort of sex kitten. She knows she’s attractive, certainly, but she takes her job seriously and she’s a very compassionate person, especially when it comes to animals. LIkewise, I’ve worked with SSS on a charity event and he was polite and professional and seemed to genuinely care about the cause at hand.

  3. daryll

    When you’re ratings challenged like 46, you do what you can to be different and hopefully get viewers to sample your news product. I’m beyond the point of thinking that only a meteorologist, with or without an AMS seal, can deliver a television weather forecast. David Chandley can’t even properly pronounce the word meteorologist yet WSB has him waiting in the wings when Glenn Burns retires. It sounds like he’s saying meter-ologist. I can’t even image what WAGA will do after the cream of crop, Ken Cook, says goodbye or is asked to take one of those Fox pay cuts headed to their owned stations. Dagmar might just be the wave of the future for local television weather talent. Her sweaters are certainly nice.

  4. Jimbo

    I have absolutely HAD IT with two things on GCL. The whole “tough questions” thing has already worn thin. I didn’t realize HOW thin until the other day, when the “tough” question was in an animal story…”doesn’t this just break your heart?” MEMO TO WGCL: You are a newsgathering organization, you are SUPPOSED to ask questions. Please reserve the “tough” questions for those times when you actually did ask a “tough” question.

    As for Dagmar, there are two things that need to be noted, IMNSHO:

    1-She is likely the only woman I’ve ever seen who looks BETTER with her hair pulled back. For some reason, when it’s down, it looks way too helmet like.

    2-She really, really, really needs to lose the radio (or phone sex, if you prefer) voice. It’s a rather jarring contrast anytime her canned voice butts up against her spontaneous voice. Personally, I really prefer her normal speaking voice to the phoney one.

  5. LBJ

    Yep…the voice sounds like she’s auditioning for a role on Porky’s Revenge II. See, the plot is about a TV weatherperson who hangs out with teenage boys.

    Oh, sorry. My IFB says I’m 20 years too late for that script. The working title was, “Tonight I’ll be dipping into the teens”

  6. jcburns

    Chandley has one thing going for him, he pronounces the most obscure Georgia small towns like someone from one of the most obscure Georgia small towns. There’s just a little catch in there on ‘Jasper’ or ‘Euharlee’ or ‘Cordele’ that rings true. So as town after town is pelted by hook echoes and high price-to-earnings ratios or whatever the heck that Doppler thingie shows, you can enjoy their names pronounced with the proper grit(s.)

    Ms. Midcap reminds me of my third-grade teacher, which has it’s pluses and minuses.

  7. Kirk

    I like Dagmar’s voice. I wonder what her singing voice sounds like.

    What’s interesting about her voice is that she doesn’t have a Canadian accent. I think she’s a native of Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Dagmar should move to Hollywood. She’s got a lot of assets that would earn her a bigger paycheck. LOL! Her good looks, figure, super personality and charm would surely land her a job. And if that ain’t enough, that voice could sell anything.

    Obama needs to get Dagmar’s voice on a health care commercial. Soon! End of health care debate and legislative problems.

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