Happy New Year

Can you say “rowdy revelers”?

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Doug Richards is a reporter at WXIA-TV. This is his personal blog. WXIA-TV has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog, under any circumstances, in any form. For anything written herein, Doug accepts sole credit and full blame. Follow him on Twitter: @richardsdoug. All rights reserved. Thanks for visiting.

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Esteban

    Reminds me of a TV reporter who got rattled while doing a live bit outside Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium before a Braves playoff game. Seemed he lost his cool a bit.

  2. jbanc

    Wow….as ugly as this was, it could’ve been worse. Never underestimate what REALLY drunk people will do when a tv light comes on…

  3. formernewsaddict

    It was irresponsible to leave that reporter and photographer out there without some form of crowd control.

  4. live apt fire Post author

    For years, crowds and fools intimidated me. (I assume I’m the reporter referred to in Esteban’s comment above…) But I learned a lot by watching Jeff Hullinger, who was the best “live” guy I’d ever known. He would take the same crowd that made me nervous, and flipped them into becoming part of the story. And smoothly, too. Hullinger was extraordinary at that stuff, among many other things.

  5. daryll

    Alcohol + testosterone + live shot = stupidity. Stop the madness. This is so predictable. Perfect example of what should have been a VO, with no SOT needed.

  6. jbanc

    Didn’t a photographer for WAGA get seriously hurt doing a live shot at Fulton County Stadium after a playoff game? I agree…alcohol + testoterone = danger

  7. live apt fire Post author

    True. Robert Miller was toppled by fans while on top of a live truck shooting live shots with Hullinger and myself. Miller busted an ACL in the process while Hullinger was live. Hullinger– kept talking. Miller took months to heal.

  8. Chas

    It was New Year’s Eve, what did she expect the people would do?
    I’ve had many of these moments, my favorite was when someone mooned the camera next to Kathy Murphy during a live shot. Anyway, I agree she should have embraced the drunks rather than pretend they weren’t there. Not literally embrace them. The reporter should have stolen Kathy Griffith’s line from the CNN New Year’s Eve show!


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