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The technology is always improving.  So why does local TV news increasingly stink as a career choice?  A blog by a Miami TV reporter named Mark Joyella provides a bit of insight.  Though more awkwardly titled than even this blog, standupkid’s localtvnews is full of insight into developing technology, and the ever-increasing squeeze the industry is putting on the personnel who use it.  Because he’s still getting paychecks by committing acts of television, Joyella tends to tread lightly, opinion-wise.  He allows his readers to provide the outrage in the comments sections of his posts.  Here’s a link to his blog.  He’s also on the LAF blogroll to the right.

This was an interesting post from last week.  Joyella lifted a story from Poynter’s site about a South Florida station which used Skype to transmit a live picture via the reporter’s laptop.  She used her cell phone to connect to IFB.  It eliminated the need for a live truck entirely.  See the results below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Standup Kid also has some slightly gossipy stuff about the comings and goings of anchorpersons and other employment noteworthiness.  (Joyella may or may not post something about the Executive Producer spot that WGCL is trying to fill.  Word is they’d like nothing better than to swipe an experienced producer from another Atlanta station.  Yeah, that kind of stuff…)

Joyella is an almost hyperkinetic blogger, producing more than two dozen posts in his first six days (including two separate posts about WGCL’s encounter with an addled APD Deputy Dawg Friday). Even if he can’t keep that up  — and we suspect he’ll settle into a more leisurely pace soon — his site will be worth checking regularly as a clearinghouse for the mostly-bad news surrounding the local TV news industry.  Welcome, Standupkid.  We’re not going to make an acryonym for you.

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4 thoughts on “Standup kid

  1. Chas

    How long before a station rebrands the Skype as “Net Tracker 4000… keeping you connected!” or “No live trucks… No photographer… just a laptop and a webcam we got off of eBay”
    Skype is good until a pop-up ad for “Available ladies in your area” pops up in the middle of a Skype live shot at a local dignitary’s
    Cable nets have long used videophones, and the technology is getting better, but that involves more sophisticated technology than a laptop with a cam input.

  2. Mark Joyella

    LAF! You guys rock. Thanks for the mention–and, more importantly, all those clicks! I think I prefer the way you describe me, rather than co-workers here in Miami who call me the “harbinger of doom” for posting about layoffs.

    But hey… it’s not just the layoffs. It’s also the WTF… and the “I’m a reporter how does a P2 camera work?” AND the… “Seriously? The print guy who keeps tripping over his Target-bought tripod actually scooped me on a story? Do I need to kill myself now?”

    It’s all that. Okay, back to blogging.


  3. AtlBigEar

    I believe that is actually Tampa’s Gannett station. Expect to see WXIA use similar tech in the short term, say Monday and Tuesday.


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