Take a week off….

11alive1Presumably, staffers at WXIA and WATL will get an unpaid and unwelcome week off sometime between now and April Fools Day.  Gannett CEO Craig Dubow issued a memo yesterday, reportedly affecting 35,000 US workers.  From the Gannett Blog:

Today Gannett is implementing a furlough program across all U.S. divisions and at Corporate headquarters. This means that most of our U.S. employees — including myself and all other top executives — will be furloughed for the equivalent of one week in the first quarter. This furlough will be unpaid. Unions also will be asked to participate.

We are doing this to preserve our operations and continue to deliver for our customers while confronting the issues raised by some of the most difficult economic conditions we have ever experienced.

After much consideration, we decided a furlough program would be the fairest and least intrusive way to meet these fiscal challenges in the first quarter, which is traditionally the lightest time of the year. We sincerely hope this minimizes the need for any layoffs going forward.

As the day goes on, you will be receiving information from your division presidents explaining the program, including some FAQs to help answer any of your questions and address your concerns about pay and benefits.

We have made some very difficult decisions this past year, all with the goal of keeping Gannett strong and preparing for the future. I understand I have asked a great deal of you, and I regret adding to your burden with this program.

But my sincere hope is that this step removes the need to do anything more drastic, and that business conditions improve. As always, I thank you for your patience and loyalty to Gannett.

It’s grim.  And folks like Lenslinger keep waiting for more shoes to drop.  From Viewfinder Blues:

Unless it’s your face on the billboard, [local TV news is] pretty damn thankless. Now however, the crazy pace, oddball hours and total lack of gratitude looks downright fetching. People who have made bellyachin’ about their jobs into performance art are simply grateful for the latest paycheck. Oh, how the surly have fallen. That includes me, of course; I can bitch with the best of them. But what used to set me off now just fills me with dread, for all bets are officially off.

Tell ya what:  Maybe this will cheer you up.

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2 thoughts on “Take a week off….

  1. scott hedeen

    man… i remember talking to a reporter friend of mine in 1994. He was about to be hired for a job at KPNX in Phoenix, a Gannett holding. I asked him…”Phoenix? is that a good move?” He replied “C’mon… no matter where it is… It’s Gannett! They are the best TV station group to work for!”

    Here we are. 15 years later. The state of the six o’ clock news is dire.

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